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About Us

Our goal is simple: get more people to enjoy the sport of archery! Step one was removing any friction for practicing and getting more out of your time at a range or the outdoors.

The Send-It Archery Backstop is the beginning of our journey towards seeing more individuals, families, and groups enjoying the challenge and fulfillment of archery.

A man holding a quiver of arrows and a cross bow.
Outdoor Tested

Ready for full range of North American weather.

Perfectionist Approved

Meticulously thought through and designed.

Canadian Made

No mass produced junk here. Quality and longevity guaranteed.

A man shooting an arrow at a deer target that's in front of a Send-It Archery backstop.
Passion for the sport

I want more people to enjoy the sport of archery.

Creating a way for beginners to try archery and enable those passionate about the sport to quickly setup and be ready to shoot was a major component in the design. At the same time, our goal was to make getting together and working on challenging shots a frictionless experience for the archery enthusiast.

Archery requires presence of mind. When we are with our friends and family presence in the here and now makes for a better experience for everyone. We are convinced archery is a great tool to bring people together and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.